About Cantor Jason Feddy


Jason Feddy grew up in Leeds, UK, in its traditional Ashkenazi Jewish community.  At that time there were 20,000+ Jews in the city, 90% of whom lived within a 2 square mile radius. He attended Leeds' Morris Silman Jewish Day School, which provided a well rounded Jewish and secular education. Jason and his family were longstanding members of one of the many local synagogues.  Jason was a member of the school and synagogue choirs and was awarded 1st prize in the school's trophy for music in his last year at the school. 

Active for all of his childhood years in the Kibbutz oriented youth movement, Habonim/Dror, Jason was raised to the soundtrack of Jewish music, both ancient and modern.  His mother was (and still is) an active member of various amateur choirs and liturgical singing groups.  His father's side - not so musical - although he does account for Jason's sense of humor and big personality! 

Jason moved to Israel in 1982 where he remained for 3 years, becoming fluent in Modern Hebrew. He maintains close and strong links to Israel and has many family members still living there.  For the past 5 years he has traveled there annually (oftentimes more) to play shows culminating each time with featured slots at Northern Israel's internationally famous Jacob's Ladder Festival. 

In 2010 Jason married his sweetheart, Ava, on Kibbutz Tuval under a chuppah overlooking the Galilean hills.